Sabtu, 26 Maret 2011

I will be counting the days in which our lips shall meet again?
Or thy be awaiting the day we come to an end?
An end so perfect as we live our last
Breath so sweet, we forget the past
And live in that moment in which we do,
When nothing can possibly come between us two.
How much longer till thine can cherish the love I shed unto thee?
Not too much longer my love, for I can see
Us together, entwined as one
As tight as a rosebud, about to become
A blossom; the most beautiful sight the eye has seen
To live and wilt together as one being
So let not the presence of time quickly sever the months
For time is what keeps everything in this world from happening at once
Axl, I love you so much and until the day we shall meet again,
Nothing will be as sweet as awaiting the end...

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